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  • Cover of Instructor's Guide with a close up shot of black corn behind the Deep Routes logo.
  • List of credits for contributors, collaborators, illustrators, and donors of the project.
  • Table of contents listing sections for the instructors guide.
  • Description of the Who, What and Why of an Afro-Indigenous centered curriculum like Deep Routes.
  • People and places cover with a photo of a colonizer's garden in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Table of contents listing the people and places featured in the curriculum,
  • Plants and animals cover with a close up shot of a purple sweet potato.
  • Plants and animals table of contents with a listing of the plants and animals featured in the curriculum.
  • Recipe collection cover with a close up shot of golden fried chicken bubbling in a pot.
  • List of recipes featured in the recipe collection booklet.
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Deep Routes

Deep Routes 1st Edition: Full Curriculum

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Included in this package is all 4 digital booklets that make up our 180+ page curriculum including:

  • The Instructors Guide (available only with the full package)

  • People & Places (highlighting 14 people and 5 places from the Southern United States)

  • Recipes (with 30 recipes covering the plants and animals included in this edition)

  • Plants & Animals (covering 17 plants and animals across the Afro-Indigenous diaspora)


These digital booklets are to be used for educational purposes only. By purchasing you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions (which can be reviewed at this link).

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